Tuesday, August 2, 2011

8 weeks

Me at 8 weeks:
I'm starting to get a little pooch!
Size of baby: 1/2 inch - About the size of a raspberry.

Sleep: I wake up at least 3 times a night to pee (SO annoying) & I have crazy weird dreams every night, mostly about Texas. 

What I miss: Monster Energy Drinks (I've never needed one more in my life, and I can't have one!), SUSHI, Turkey Sandwiches, Four Lokos, and just about everything else I can't have. 

Cravings: spicy thai food, burgers, rare steak (even though I can't have that either)... NOT sweets... 

Symptoms: EXTREME fatigue, slight but not debilitating nausea in the mornings and when I've gone too long without eating, bloating

Best Moment this week: Turning in my final paper for one class and taking my final examination in another. I was so stressed that I would be too tired or sick to do so when the time came. Hopefully this first trimester ickyness will be over when the Fall semester starts. 

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