Sunday, September 11, 2011

14 weeks

Size of Baby: 3 1/2 Inches - About the size of a clenched fist. 

Sleep: Not so good. I've been having body aches and it's been really hard for me to get comfortable. 

What I miss: surfing, skating, sprinting, Monsters, Jack & coke

Cravings: Mexican food. I can't wait to get back home already.

Symptoms: I haven't really had any symptoms other than the body aches. 

Fetal Movement: I was lying in bed the other night and I thought I felt flutters. From what I've read, though, it's still too early to feel them. I don't know what else it could have been though. It definitely wasn't gas, as it was a completely different feeling. I guess it could have just been organs moving around or something. 

Best Moment This Week: I had fun shopping at the Target baby sale and buying my little belly monster stuff. 

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