Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! & Weekend Recap

HaPpY HaLLoWeeN!
Here's what me & baby Eva wore to the Haunted House fundraiser that was held again this weekend.

Last weekend went by pretty fast. On Friday we had our big appointment! Here are some pictures of Baby Eva that I hadn't posted yet:
Skeleton baby! Just in time for Halloween!
Baby's perfect little foot. I can't wait to give it kisses.

I was kind of disappointed with the pictures that the ultrasound tech got. There were some pretty amazing images on the screen when she was doing the testing but the ones she chose to print out were pretty blurry. I feel like the last ultrasound tech we had did a much better job. Oh well. 

On Friday after the ultrasound we went to Target and started the baby's registry. It was so fun holding that little laser gun and scanning away. There wasn't all that much stuff we liked, which we anticipated with our unique taste, so we started an Amazon registry as well. Amazon lets you add stuff from every other online store which is pretty cool. I have found so much cute stuff for baby Eva, especially from Etsy and Roxy.

Saturday was spent doing homework, watching the UFC fight, and volunteering at the haunted house again. On Sunday we went and checked out a few places in town. We live on the Marine Corps base in Kailua right now, but we decided to move to town so I can be closer to school when I start to get bigger and the baby is born. Daniel also wants to start training at the UFC gym they have down there. I checked it out and it looked pretty cool, so I might join too. I probably won't be doing any MMA but they have a bunch of other classes and programs that look pretty fun. We'll save a bunch of money if we move to town too, since the rent is "too damn high" on the East Side.

I don't get out of class until 6:45 tonight but I'm going to try and rush home so I don't miss too many adorable trick-or-treaters. Can't wait! I love Halloween.

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  1. Awesome shirt!!

    We don't usually have baby registries here, but I'd love to get the chance to use one of those laser guns! haha

    You're moving while pregnant? Oh God, you must be really tough. Best of luck! :)


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