Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 In Review

Here's a little recap of how 2011 went and what made it so awesome:
I started off 2011 at home with my family on Palmito Ranch. D had been deployed in the Philippines for about four months at this point so I was missing him, but happy to be spending the holidays in Texas with my family.

In 2011 a friend of mine came up with the idea of suing the State of Hawaii for failing to recognize our right to bear arms and started the "Hawaii Defense Foundation" to accomplish this goal. I am a director and secretary of the organization and we just received our 501(c)3 non-profit status last month (which means your donations are tax deductible!) ;-)
During my Spring Break I was lucky enough to visit D in the Philippines. It had been almost six months since I had seen him. We stayed in Manila for a couple of days and Boracay for the rest. It was perfect.

As president of The William S. Richardson School of Law's Federalist Society, I had the opportunity to meet several legal celebrities, including Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas (for the second time) and Representative Michelle Bachman. Pretty neat!

D finally returned home from deployment in June. I was so happy to have him back.

The weekend after D returned from deployment, we took a mini-vacation to the Big Island to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. We stayed at a fancy resort (Hilton Waikaloa Village), visited a bunch of cool spots (South Point, Waipio Valley, Akaka Falls, Mauna Kea Observatory), and went on a night dive with Manta Rays. It was so much fun!

About one month after D got back from deployment (on Independence Day) we were happily surprised to learn we were expecting our first baby! Coincidentally we were flying down to Texas for Daniel's 10 year reunion the following weekend so we were able to share the good news with our families in person. 

Right before school started back up in August my mama and my little brother Diego came to visit me in Hawaii.  It was so nice to have them. I wish Hawaii was in Texas.

I decided that I didn't want to keep bleaching my hair while pregnant so I decided to go back to my roots.  I'm still getting used to it and I don't like it all that much but it's for the best I guess. I'll be back, blonde!
When I'm not doing school work D & I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Since I can't surf anymore this usually consisted of me taking pictures of him from the beach, but I also have been able to do more fun things like take rides on the boat. D got his boater's license and we occasionally go fishing and hang out at the sandbar.

On October 28 we found out we are having a baby GIRL! <3
In November we decided that we should move closer to town where I go to school so I don't have to drive an hour there everyday when my belly is huge and I might go into labor at a moment's notice. I miss the East Side and my favorite neighbor Anna, but it's nice to live in an actual house with a huge backyard instead of just a townhouse.

December marked 2.5 years of law school down and only .5 more to go!

After finals were over I flew to Texas and had my Baby Shower. I still haven't had a chance to post about it but I will soon, I promise!

And last but not least... my belly has stretched to astronomical proportions... and I still have 2 months to go!! 
Overall, it has been one amazing year and I feel very blessed to have lived through it. God willing, next year will be even better.

Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2012:
-Finally meeting my baby girl in March! 
-Graduating law school in May
-Taking the bar in July
-Possibly being stationed somewhere else
-A whole year with my love, NO DEPLOYMENTS!
-Maybe being able to visit Texas more since I'll be done with school.
-Surfing & doing other things I love as well as getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight after Eva is born!

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  1. You should stay and wreak havoc on Hawai'i ;) legal system.


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