Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Photo Dump

Here's a photo dump for all the pictures I love that didn't make a blog post this month. Most of them are from camera phones or photo booth so the quality sucks, but the memories rock. ♥

love all the new artwork in the area!
there were tons of beautiful waterfalls from all the storming going on when evita was born.
me and my happy little baby shortly after she was born
love her.
the only flowers i got for pushing out this baby, courtesy of my mama :)
the day after coming home from the hospital
cuddling with mama
on Eva's first boat ride
4 days old
eva reading a book with her grandma
random family photo at waimea bay
my little beach baby
daniel jumping off the rock at waimea
Eva and a random north shore chicken
finally got a new hat to add to my "my hats are cooler than yours" collection ;)
we were at a restaurant and eva decided she was hungry too
life with a new baby rocks
milk coma
i love my little punk rock girl
crashed out on her boppy
i love all her little arm movements
crashed on my chest
extra pic from her day 13 photo shoot
family photo
my little angel
lookin around
so content after a late night feeding
chillin with daddy on her birthday
love my little baby
the whole time i was preggers all i wanted to do was give her little feet that kicked me a billion kisses. i think i'm at a zillion now.
big yawn.
my favorite place for her to be


  1. Very precious photos. You're making me want my baby girl now and I've got 13 weeks to go yet.

    I look forward to seeing your fitness plan. I'm going to need it after 'Baby W' arrives. You look fab!

    Mrs W x


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