Friday, March 23, 2012

Eva's First Bath

Yesterday we gave Eva her first bath. It was a spontaneous one so we didn't get to set everything up nicely and get professional-looking "first bath" pictures. But hey, we're new parents, and she just performed what we call a "double-shit" and the bath couldn't wait another second. A "double shit" occurs when we're changing a poopy diaper and our beautiful Evita decides to poop again mid-change. I say "we" like I've ever encountered the double shit. I've had plenty of double pees but she seems to reserve the double shits for her daddy, thank god. We did get a bunch of pictures, which we have decided not to post because of all the creeps on the internet these days, but here are a couple. Eva seemed to love her bath. She was alert and calm the whole time. I can't wait to take her swimming.


  1. so darling! you are making me very anxious to have my baby girl!

  2. How cute! Love her little pink tub :)


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