Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eva: Week 29

Bebita, this week was HUGE for you. You started crawling and pulling yourself up! It's like you finally realized you have strength in your arms and you went with it. Your crawling is not superb, but you can still get a few "steps"(?) on all fours. You are very mobile now and there is no stopping you. You go from lying to sitting to crawling to rolling to standing and back again until you wear yourself out. It's very exciting for me, but also very tiring. You have also clearly started to recognize words and phrases. When you are at your grandpa's house and we ask you, "Where's the birdie??" You look up towards Marley's cage. It's so adorable!!!

Eva by the Day:

New this Week:
-pulling self up
-first political fundraiser

Here's a video of her standing up on me, taken at grandma Dolly's:


  1. Eva is seriously one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! And her cheeks are to die for! Thanks for linking up for Mommy Moments Monday


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