Thursday, November 29, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Mauna Kea at Dusk

 When I was on Mauna Kea I felt like I was on Mars. The limited light cast the bare soil in a deep shade of red. The sky was bright orange, but only up to the cloud's horizon. The skyline was dotted with crazy-looking satellites and telescopes. I had studied data collected from Mauna Kea many times while working on my bachelor's in geography, but I had never actually been there. It was surreal- a vast contrast from the warm green jungles below. There was snow on the ground and it was only June. I looked up through a telescope and gazed at the "jewelry box" constellation. It was a magical night and a great way to celebrate our 5th anniversary. :)

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  1. love your blog and it's concept! super cool. these pictures are unreal!!
    Helene in Between


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