Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Photo Dump

Here's a photo dump for all the pictures I love that didn't make a blog post this month. Most of them are from camera phones or photo booth so the quality sucks, but the memories rock. ♥

love all the new artwork in the area!
there were tons of beautiful waterfalls from all the storming going on when evita was born.
me and my happy little baby shortly after she was born
love her.
the only flowers i got for pushing out this baby, courtesy of my mama :)
the day after coming home from the hospital
cuddling with mama
on Eva's first boat ride
4 days old
eva reading a book with her grandma
random family photo at waimea bay
my little beach baby
daniel jumping off the rock at waimea
Eva and a random north shore chicken
finally got a new hat to add to my "my hats are cooler than yours" collection ;)
we were at a restaurant and eva decided she was hungry too
life with a new baby rocks
milk coma
i love my little punk rock girl
crashed out on her boppy
i love all her little arm movements
crashed on my chest
extra pic from her day 13 photo shoot
family photo
my little angel
lookin around
so content after a late night feeding
chillin with daddy on her birthday
love my little baby
the whole time i was preggers all i wanted to do was give her little feet that kicked me a billion kisses. i think i'm at a zillion now.
big yawn.
my favorite place for her to be

Eva: Week 3

How Baby is Doing:
Eva- You are growing so quickly! You had her two-week check-up on Monday and have already gained almost a pound since you were born. You are now 8.5 lbs and a little over 20 inches. The doctor said that everything looked good and you're a healthy little newborn. You are also becoming more alert and aware of the things going on around you. You love opening your little eyes and looking around, mostly at your black-and-white dia de los muertos dolls. I keep meaning to buy you one of those black-and-white board books for newborns. You don't last very long during tummy time, and most of the time you find a way to roll yourself over. (I didn't know newborns could even do that!) You love going on walks with me, especially when she's in my moby wrap instead of your stroller. You're such a good little girl on our outings (as long as you get fed every 3 hours).

Eva by the day:

New this week:
-Eva's 2 week check-up.
-Eva discovered how much she loves pulling my hair. Now I know why the "mom cut" exists.

How Mama is Doing:
The soreness is almost completely gone and so is the bleeding. I only need a panty liner now for the spotting. My tummy is still pretty squishy and I know my uterus isn't back down to it's normal size but I'm only about 6lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight which I think is pretty good considering I haven't been breastfeeding, dieting, or exercising (besides walking, which I don't really consider exercise). I think I'll finally be ready to get back to the gym come Monday! I'll be posting my fitness plan sometime before then.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Your Smell

Dear Evita Pilar,

Your warm little body is snug asleep against my chest as I write this. You are 18 days old- still so tiny but growing so fast. I’ve been trying to savor every second I have with you at this stage. I dread the days when my memory fades. I worry I won’t remember what an amazing feeling this is- the newness of motherhood and having you to love. That’s why I take so many pictures of you everyday and write stuff down in this blog. As much as I write and photograph, though, there is one thing I will never be able to document- your smell.

Before I had you, if someone were to ask me what my favorite smell was I would say the ocean or the resin used to fix surfboards. Or maybe sunscreen or a plumeria tree. But those things I can smell again and again, whenever I’d like. And none of those things smell nearly as good as you do. I know it’s probably just an evolutionary attachment response but that doesn’t take away from how much I love it. Your daddy thinks you just smell like milk, or like other babies, but you don’t to me. I’ve worked at daycares and have smelled babies all day, but you’re different. That’s why I’m sad that one day I will never be able to smell your baby smell again. I probably won’t even notice when it happens. One day you just won’t be a baby anymore; you’ll be a little girl. And when I realize that, I’ll probably be a mess! So for now I’ll take big, long, deep breaths whenever you’re lying on my chest and I’ll enjoy your lovely smell for as long as I can.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Best Baby Buys v.2

Note: I do not receive any sort of compensation for writing my "best baby buys" posts (or anything else on this blog for that matter). These are just legit reviews of what I've found helpful as a new mommy so far.

The Moby Wrap
I received a wrap and baby carrier at my shower but it turns out they can't be used until the baby is 3 months old. I didn't want to wait that long to be able to wear my baby so this weekend my hubby and I broke down and bought the Moby wrap. Let me just say, I love it!
I'll have to admit, when I first saw the instructions I was like "ummm.... no," but it's way easier than it looks. In fact, I was able to successfully wrap first try. I've heard that there are plenty of youtube tutorials as well. I may be an anti-crunchy mama, but I'm a firm believer in the benefits of baby-wearing, and the baby and I are loving this wrap so far. I can do my homework, tidy up the house, and write this blog post while Evita is crashed out on my chest.
This morning Evita and I went on a long walk (in the rain) and she slept the whole time. Meanwhile, I burned a few extra calories with her weight on me. I loved looking down and seeing this precious little face. :-)

The Nap Nanny
Eva has a bit of a problem with sptting-up and gas. Nothing major- she's not colicky and she's still gaining (lots of) weight. But she sometimes gets uncomfortable when she's on her back, especially after her middle-of-the-night feedings. She would have a hard time falling asleep and she would make lots of uncomfortable sounding grunting noises until she did. Daniel and I heard about the Nap Nanny but I was reluctant to buy it because it's so expensive for something so simple. He said it would be worth it, and he was right. It allows her to sleep at an upright angle so that the milk settles in her stomach after her feedings. It fits nicely in our bed with us and the first night we bought it she had a 4.5 hour stretch of sleep. She hasn't had one that long since then, but her stretches of sleep are longer and she definitely seems more comfortable. All-in-all, we're pleased with it. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Best Friend's Birthday

Dear Baby Eva,

Today is the day my best friend was born- your daddy. Your Daddy and I have known each other a long time, but we didn't start dating until 7 years ago. I was 18 and just finishing high school and he was 22 and away in the Marine Corps. In the past 7 years, I've gotten to know your Daddy very well, and today I'm going to tell you about him. 
Your Daddy is a total goofball. He's always joking around and making silly voices. He is so much fun to be around. This especially comes in handy when I'm feeling down. He can always make me laugh my way out of a bad day. 
Your Daddy is fearless. He is "Airborne," meaning he jumps out of planes for the military. He has been to war three times. He also does MMA and he charges bigger waves than anyone I know personally. 
Your Daddy is also the most dedicated person that I know. He always goes above and beyond at work and is passionate about everything he does. I have always admired that about him. Sometimes he has to go away for a very long time. It's REALLY hard for me, but it's the best feeling ever when he gets back.
Your Daddy and I do everything together. We listen to the same kind of music, like the same shows on television, and both love to surf and skate. I'm so excited to do all our favorite things with you as a family.
Your Daddy is very confident and very sociable. He can start a conversation with anyone, which works well for us because I tend to be on the quiet side. He's a leader and never gives into peer pressure. In fact, your Daddy doesn't drink alcohol or do any drugs. He's "straight-edge" and proud. I'm proud of him, too.
Your Daddy loves animals, especially our kitties. I always make fun of him and call him a cat lady. The truth is we'd have all sorts of animals if we didn't travel and move around so much. 
Your Daddy loves you more than you'll ever know. I'll never forget the look on his face the day you were born. His eyes welled up with tears and I could see the bliss and awe in them. You're only two weeks old and he's already done enough bragging about you for a lifetime.
My sweet little angel, I can't wait to see what kind of father your Daddy will be. I love watching him feed you and change your diapers. I can't wait to watch him teach you how to surf one day. I look forward to all the adventures we have ahead of us and the memories we'll share together. It's so cute how you came just 15 days before your Daddy's birthday. You're the best present ever. 

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