Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rest in Peace, Grandfather

I'm very sad to announce the passing of my grandfather, William Hobbs. I was driving my mother and Eva to a book signing at the Brownsville Heritage Museum when we got the phone call. He put up quite the fight against cancer for many years. I remember many times when my mother called me at odd times in Hawaii and I could have sworn she was calling to tell me that my grandfather had died. But no- it wasn't until me & Eva were both there for her when he decided to leave this earth. Things like that always give my often doubtful mind confirmation that there is something bigger than us. My mother has no other family in Texas and her husband often travels for work. I couldn't imagine what it would have been like to receive that news alone. He lived an amazing life, but I wish he could have met his only great-grandchild before he passed. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eva: Week 29

Bebita, this week was HUGE for you. You started crawling and pulling yourself up! It's like you finally realized you have strength in your arms and you went with it. Your crawling is not superb, but you can still get a few "steps"(?) on all fours. You are very mobile now and there is no stopping you. You go from lying to sitting to crawling to rolling to standing and back again until you wear yourself out. It's very exciting for me, but also very tiring. You have also clearly started to recognize words and phrases. When you are at your grandpa's house and we ask you, "Where's the birdie??" You look up towards Marley's cage. It's so adorable!!!

Eva by the Day:

New this Week:
-pulling self up
-first political fundraiser

Here's a video of her standing up on me, taken at grandma Dolly's:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Los Tuneles

One of my favorite places in the Galapagos Islands is Los Tuneles (or "The Tunnels"). The place is a maze of lava tunnels about an hour or so (by boat) from Puerto Villamil. We visited Los Tuneles a few times while I was there, in order to do some snorkeling for our fish identification class, conservation work, and surfing. We also went during the eruption of Cerro Azul so that we could get a better view of the lava. I had never seen anything like it. As far as you can see, there are mazes of lava tubes and caves and secluded little pools. Luckily our boat driver, Cuarto, was a pro at navigating through it. The place is just gorgeous.

During one of our trips to Los Tuneles, I experienced one of the most amazing hippy, close-to-nature things in my life. While we were snorkeling, there was a friendly lobito (sea lion) guiding us through the tunnels and playing silly games with us. He would swim right up to our faces and allow us to stare in his eyes for a second before blowing bubbles in our faces. He stayed by our side the entire time we were in the water, which was about an hour or so. He kept encouraging us to go through tunnels we probably otherwise wouldn't have gone through, and we did. Below is a short video of the game he was playing, followed by a video of me swimming through one of the tunnels with him. I'm so glad we were able to capture these moments because they're pretty unbelievable to me.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quarterly Top Five

Today I'm participating in a Link-Up with Ashley, Amber, and Sarah and sharing my top 5 favorite photos of my baby taken from July to September. I have about a million pictures so this was extremely difficult for me!!!! But here's what I chose:
This is a picture from Independence Day. Eva's Daddy and I took her on her first paddle board. I love this picture because Eva's Daddy was paddling so fast that her hat was blowing off. I could tell people on the beach were like, "What the..." but I was standing right there and it was very shallow. Great memories.
This is from one of my favorite roads in Hawaii. Eva and I parked and walked into the forest for a picnik. She was so happy watching all the brances moving and birds hopping about.
This picture is from Waimanalo Beach. I love the colors in the background and her silly little facial expression. 
This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. It was taken on her 5-month birthday. She's my little mermaid. <3
This picture is from when I took Eva to watch the sunrise at Lanikai. We missed the actual sunrise, but the lighting ended up being great for some pictures.

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dive Oahu - Wordless{ish} Wednesday

I'm embarrassed to admit I've lived in places like Hawaii and the Galapagos Islands without ever getting my scuba certification until a couple of weeks ago. I love to skin dive, and the only thing keeping me away from scuba was the price. It can be a pretty expensive hobby. But two weeks before we left Hawaii, Daniel encouraged me to bite the bullet and get certified incase we get stationed somewhere we can dive. Other countries tend to charge even more than the United States for scuba cert. Getting certified only took a week- 2 days in the classroom, 2 days in the pool, and 2 days in the open water. I'm so glad I did it... I had SO much fun. I didn't really reach any new depths or see anything I hadn't seen skin diving, but being able to stay underwater without coming up was just awesome. I felt like a mermaid. I can't wait to do it again.

The place we dove is called Electric Beach. It is one of the best spots to dive on the island because of the thermal pollution from the nearby power plant. I had only been there once before during my 1L year. I went with a group of classmates. We did some snorkeling and ate some opihi. Here are some pictures from that time around (2009):
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