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Fit Friday v.14

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Fitness Update: Great workouts this week! I’m feeling pretty sore and I like it. No weight loss, but not really trying to lose weight at this point… just tone up!

Favorite Fitness Links:

Last week I wrote about how I became a runner. Yesterday I saw this article about how to learn to run. Might be worth checking out if you think my approach is crazy don’t like my approach. Like I said, intervals didn’t work for me but they might for you.
Oxygen Magazine put out an article about fitness mistakes. The first one listed is doing cardio on an empty stomach. I’ve mentioned before how that issue is debated in the fitness world. I’ve been doing it lately out of necessity and I’ve really been liking it. It’s weird, but when I do cardio first thing on an empty stomach, I have less cravings and hunger throughout the day. I’ve never heard of that happening before, though, so I could be imagining the correlation. Anyway, I’m going to continue to do it until I become unhappy with my results. 

I also found a great video series called Cardio World by fitness model Alicia Marie. Fitness tips + comedy… unique


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20 Minute Home Workout inspired by Marine Corps PT

I’ve had quite a few people call me out on not doing any Fit Friday posts since promising I’d start them back up about a month ago. I’ve been meaning to, I really have. And today I’m finally delivering with a workout you can do at home (another thing that is frequently requested)!
I’m all about trying other people’s workouts. I’m the type of person who will slowly peek out of my peripherals to snoop another gym rat’s log book. The gym I’m working out now is a very small one, and it’s specifically for the Marines stationed here. One day, I found this workout posted up on the wall. It’s one they must have done for group PT in the morning:
I thought it’d be fun to tweak it into a home workout, and share it with yall. Will you accept the challenge? Basically you will do 2 minutes of each exercise listed. It will be difficult. You’ll want to stop. Don’t. Push through it. Visualize success. Play some music, focus on it, and let it feed your muscles. If you absolutely cannot do another rep during the two minute period, hold your body in the flexed position (for example, stay in a plank if you’re on the pushups or a squat if you’re on the squats). You can stop for water between exercises, but try to move on to the next as quickly as possible. Maybe you can find someone to do it with for a little motivation? A great idea would be to keep a pen and pad nearby so you can keep track of how many reps of each exercise you are able to complete in two minutes. The next time you do this workout, you can try to beat your record.
1. Warm-Up – Pushups
Your warm up with be 2 minutes of as many pushups as possible without stopping. Be sure to watch this video if you don’t know how to do a proper pushup:
If you would like to make this workout advanced (like the real workout posted above) do the pushups in this order:
15 Wide Grip Pushups
10 Narrow Grip Pushups
5 Regular Pushups
Keep cycling through until your two minutes is up.
If you absolutely can’t do another push up, do another one.
If you can’t do another one, just hold your body in the plank position, and then a modified plank after that.
2. Dot Drill
You can use sidewalk chalk or whatever else you can think of to mark your dots. You will do one set with both feet, then one set with just your right foot, then one set with just your left foot, and repeat until 2 minutes is up.
3. Knees to Elbows
The real way to do this exercise is to hang from a bar and pull your knees up. If you have some sort of bar at your house to do this on (a kid’s playground perhaps?) try that. If not, you can do it on your back like so (again, do as many as you can in 2 minutes):
4. Dive Bombers
This one is hard to explain with words, just watch the video:
5. Dips
This is the exercise that will prevent “fluffiness” under your arms as you get older. You can do dips on a bench, chair, or any other surface that is convenient for you. Be creative, I know you can find somewhere to do these:
6. Squats
Do as many squats as possible in two minutes. Remember, the lower your but goes, the more you are working it. Don’t let your knees extend past your toes. If you have weights or anything that will make this exercise harder to do, try it. (The real exercise calls for a squat bar but most people don’t have this at home.)
7. Double Crunch
This is basically like the exercise we substituted the “Knees to Elbows” with, but why not burn some abs again? Two minutes, as many as you can.
8. Pike Pushups
The real exercise calls for shrugs, but shrugs are one exercise I do not like to do as a female. I think they make the traps look a little too masculine. So instead, we’ll work our shoulders with a pike pushup, as seen below. The further your feet away are from your hands, the easier it is. If you are super advanced you can do handstand pushups.
9. Sun Gods
And then we’re going to completely finish off our shoulders with sun gods. Be sure to watch the video for a proper explanation. Try and do this for two minutes straight. This might be the most difficult to do for 2 minutes. If you simply can’t do circles anymore, just keep your arms straight out.
10. Sprints or Burpees
If you have a backyard or somewhere you can run, I want you to do “horses.” I could not find a video for this, so I’ll try to explain. Make a starting line and finish line about the distance of a basketball court. (If you have a basketball court, even better.) You’re going to place cones (or whatever marker you can find) evenly spaced between the start and the finish line. When the two minutes begins, you’re going to sprint to the first cone, then turn around and run back, then you’re going to sprint to the next cone and turn around and run back, then you’re going to sprint to the third cone and turn around and run back… you see where I’m going with this? Each sprint will be a little further. You’ll keep doing this until two minutes is up, or longer if you’re having fun since this is the last exercise.
If you don’t have space to run, I just know you have space for everyone’s favorite… burpees!
Just two minutes of them and you’re done!!
If you have longer than 20 minutes to workout, or you really want to push yourself… go through the whole workout again!


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