Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Must Ask Mama {Round 3}

Do you have a question or concern you'd love feedback from us on? Make sure to send over your questions to Lynzy at sparklingfootsteps (at) gmail (dot) com ASAP to get them answered next month! Here we go with this month's questions...

ONE: "We started my son off in an infant seat then we transitioned him to a convertible car seat after he turned one. We kept him rear facing until only after he turned two (as recommended by AAP). While the convertible car seat is is still great for two year olds we were looking for an additional seat and came across the high back booster. Most of the manufacturers guidelines for the high back boosters say they are ok for two year olds (and 30 to 70 (or sometimes 90) pounds). My son falls well within this range but I am still skeptical about high back boosters for a two year old. He has weight on him but the high back boosters are so much less bulky than the convertible seats- I feel like there might not be enough protection in the event of a crash. There are a few high back boosters that come with a five point harness rather than just the belt positioning seats but I just feel like it might not be "enough" What would you do?"

Kilee: "Honestly I think you need to do whatever you feel best about. If your son falls within the range that the seat manufacturer describes, then I would be okay with it. I tend to trust what the car seat guidelines say and go with what I can afford that fits. I typically think that the more expensive car seats or the seats with more features will always try to make you to feel unsafe in any other situation because that is what sells their seats.  But if you feel like he needs added protection then keep him in the convertible seat for a while longer. If anything they are more comfortable!"

Erica: " I also have a two-year-old but she's on the petite side so I haven't reached this dilemma yet... but if your instincts are telling you that the booster might not be as safe in the event of a crash, I'd try to stick with the regular convertible seat for as long as possible. I think the only factor that might influence my decision in that sense is how happy/frustrated your son is in the carseat. If he's whining or screaming, it will distract you while driving (which will obviously put you at a higher risk for an accident). But if he's content enough in the convertible, I'd say just wait it out. :) "

Emily: " I think the bottom line is that it's important to follow your gut as a mother, and that usually your first instinct is the best! I have a new four year old that I still have in the convertible car seat because I just feel as though she has more protection and security, so I guess my advice would be to stick with what you have until you feel sure he's ready for the booster since that's what your gut is telling you to do!"

TWO: "I am expecting my second daughter in July and will be taking a year off work to care for my babies. This is a dream come true but what has me worried is how to transition my 3 year old from a 3 days a week preschool (my current place of employment) to a routine at home with a newborn. How do you fit in everything when caring for two kids under 3 and still be able to shower and have a clean house? Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, lovely ladies."

Emily: "boy I could go on way too long in answering this one, because having four kiddies in four years has definitely forced me to get organized.haha The best way to condense it would be to stress the importance of lists and schedules! I wake up before any of my kids, or when I'm nursing my youngest in the morning I'll write out a timeline starting with the things that have to happen like meals and nap times, then fill in the spaces things that should happen like chores and errands, and whatever time's left ovr can go to the things that you'd like to happen, like showering and pinterest time.haha"

Erica: "Unfortunately I'm in the same boat as you at the moment so I'm not sure how to answer your question! I have a daughter who just turned two and a son that will be arriving any day now. I can tell you how I've been trying to prepare, though. I've created a room in my house that is childproof and has different montessori-type activities for my two-year-old as well as a place for me to sit and nurse, set the baby down, check my e-mail, etc. This room will be my safe haven when things get chaotic. Other than that, I haven't quite figured out when I'll be cleaning the house, making dinner, taking showers, etc. I guess I'm just going to have to find my rhythm as it comes. My biggest hope is that I can figure out a way to get the two to nap at the same time so that I can have a break! Hah. Sorry I couldn't be more help."

Brittany: "Hi, congratulations on being able to stay home with your children! I don't have any expertise with having two children, but I have a lot of friends with two under age 2 and 3. For me (with just one baby), I take advantage of nap time on days when I need things done around the house or a shower. If I am in need of a shower and it isn't nap time, I usually put her in the exersaucer and give her a few puffs and turn on Daniel Tiger or Angelina Ballerina for 10 minutes while I take a quick shower. Most of the time I just shower at night when she is asleep. As far as getting things done around the house. I usually try to occupy my daughter in the room I am trying to clean with toys or other objects she is interested in. I typically just clean the room she is in while she is playing. Another thing I do is have a dry erase board on my fridge with a few tasks to do each day. This is helpful for my husband for when he is trying to be helpful around the house. My husband is a medical student, so he's not always to help out, but this is the way we communicate what needs to be done without having to ask, and it works for us. Good luck and enjoy every moment! I just know most mama's say the laundry can wait, so try not to stress over it :) "

Kilee: "I could write a few posts about how I run our home, but my best advice would be to feel confident, work out a loose schedule, and be patient. The best way I have found to get things done, keep our house together and be a good mom is to adopt an "I can do it" attitude. I have definitely had my overwhelmed days, but I am confident in myself and my ability to do it all. I am motivated and opptimistic when I wake up everyday because I want to have a good day, I have things to do and I can't let myself get bogged down by a messy house or unhappy kids. We just work together and my kids have learned to expect how things go. My kids expect that I will get ready everyday in the morning and usually that is when they are eating breakfast. Because you have one little one and a baby, I'd recommend doing as much as you can while the baby sleeps but don't stop doing what you need to do just because the kids are up. I get ready with my kids in the bathroom- I shower while the baby lays outside the shower on the floor. I clean while my kids play or they clean with me. I try to follow a simple cleaning schedule where I pick up in the morning and at night and then clean certain areas of the home on each day of the week. Also when my kids were younger we would do the library on Mondays, play group on Wednesdays and a music group on Fridays. Its hard to have a set schedule because you have to be flexible with little ones, but a basic schedule is essential. And last I'd say be patient. With the first year of a new baby, as you know, things change all the time.  You are always in a new phase so you'll have to be really flexible and just keep working at it. Also I guess the last thing is that you need a hobby. You need a hobby to work on after the kids are in bed or before they are up or during naps. A hobby will make you happier and give your brain a break from being a SAHM. You will love it!"

THREE: "Hi Ladies! I'm a stay at home mom to my beautiful 4 1/2 month old baby girl. I am wanting to update my wardrobe but I am at a loss of what I should buy that would work for playtime at home and play dates with friends, running errands, etc? I still want to look stylish and put together but I don't want to buy things that would be impractical or could get ruined by spit up and blow outs ;)"

Veronika: "Though I work outside of the home, I think the key to building a SAHM wardrobe is to focus on pieces that are versatile so you can mix and match a lot of different items together to create different looks. The other thing that’s important is to make sure you have the basics as a foundation for the new pieces you buy. By basics I mean a great pair of jeans, a basic white tee that you love the fit of, a jacket that goes with everything (neutral color), some great flats and sandals. I think you’re looking for clothes you can feel comfortable in but also don’t mind getting down on the floor with your kids. For spring and summer, I love J.Crew’s colorful chino shorts that come in a variety of lengths so you can choose what you feel comfortable in. I also love their vintage v-neck tees because they are so simple and comfortable but can be amped up with a long gold chain necklace.  In terms of clothes not being ruined--- make sure to check tags to make sure items are machine-washable and definitely buy some Honest brand stain spray. That spray has literally gotten blackberry, raspberry and paint stains out of my baby’s clothing (even whites!) and it’s all natural. Another thing that’s important to balances a look are accessories- a great watch, sunglasses, hats (I love fedoras and wide brim hats to protect from the sun) can all make such an impact. I also recommend a cute, cross body purse---it’s so easy to carry while running errands and looks great with any outfit- my favorites are by Tory Burch, Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff."

Denise: "I totally hear ya girl!  I am in the same boat with my 8 month old baby girl!  Let me just start off by saying I LOVE TARGET.  I seriously find most of my casual tops there and they have comfy, easy dresses that you can run around in too.  I also love H&M!  I find jeans and shorts there mostly, at great prices (and their baby collection is adoraaaable!).  I love JCrew Outlet!  If you have one close to you, then you lucky dog you!  But if not, you can also shop online."

Emily: "wow that's a huge question! I think the easiest way to accomplish that would be to invest in regular items like jeans and t shirts that A, fit well and B, have fun prints! A print instantly dresses up an outfit so it doesn't look so 'boring mom' if you were to run out for errands without having time to change, but they'll still be comfortable enough and washable enough that you won't feel like you're dressed up for the dishes. Also as much as I like wearing brighter colors especially during warmer weather, I wear dark colors more and more these days with a 4, 2, 1, and 4 month old. they just hide everything!"

Lynzy: "My wardrobe has definitely changed significantly since I had Olivia! Most days I wear comfortable jeans (found some great options at H&M) and a tee with some espadrille canvas shoes (so comfy and more dressed up than sneaks!) In the summer I will mostly live in dresses - so comfy - easy on and off!"

FOUR: "What advice or encouragement can you give for the girl who literally knows nothing about babies (me..) and is considering starting a family. I wrestle with feelings of unpreparedness, embarrassment over lack of knowledge, and anxiety. What prepared you or at least made you feel more comfortable with impending motherhood?"

Lynzy: "Okay so let me first start off by saying....you are never fully prepared for motherhood. ever. There is never a "good" time to start a family because there will always be SOMETHING  -- whether it's "we need more money" or "we want to travel first". I can tell you that having Olivia is hands down the best thing that ever happened to me and my husband. There are definitely days where my patience is tried and I feel like I need a break, but we made this little nugget and she is ours and it is a beautiful thing. I haven't read many books or anything, I just use momma's intuition. It's a real thing ;) "

Emily: "That's tough to condense, but I guess what comes to mind is that everyone will have advice on how you should do things, and they'll always conflict.haha But in the end you just have to do what you feel is right for your babies and trust your own best judgement, because no one knows your babes like you do and no two are the same! I remember how scary being pregnant with and having my first baby was, and really it's not gotten any less scary.haha It's a wild, messy, silly, amazing ride so just make sure you don't spend to much time being sad that he or she never wore that one adorable outfit or that you never took 6 month pictures. It's the little tummy giggles and feeling their little downy fluffy heads that matter the most.haha Your babies will love you unconditionally, and if you have a question there's always google!"

Denise:"If you’re heart is being led to have children then you are as prepared as you need to be.  Honestly!  With that said, there are plenty of books to read during your 9 months of pregnancy and golly day thanks goodness for those million doctor visits you go too because they give you information!  And then, once that little baby lady or baby gent has arrived – their pediatrician will give you tons of information at every appointment.  So truthfully my advice, is that you are ready.  You are ready where you are right now.  You don’t have to have any experience with babies or any knowledge.  You will be scared to death with or without that knowledge but something kicks in when you become a mama called instinct.  Oh and thank goodness for Google J

Veronika: "I think no one is ever truly prepared for deciding to pursue parenthood and it’s a learn-as-you go process because every baby and every family is so different. A lot of the times it’s about trusting your own instincts and also turning to others you trust for support and encouragement. If you already know you want a child but are just nervous about motherhood, I will tell you that though it has many challenges, it is also the most rewarding experience and you may surprise yourself at how it all comes together as you learn and grow with your baby. I did read some books and I did work with children when I was younger, but nothing compares to the experience of having your own child so no matter how much experience you have (or don’t have) you just have to “go with the flow.” I know how difficult that sounds because my own personality is to plan things, but the truth is that you may have a really “easy” baby or a baby with colic (and that’s just one example) and you have to cross that bridge when you get there. The best thing you can do when deciding to become a mother is to be sure that your relationship with your partner is strong and that you can count on your partner to support you and provide the assistance you need with pregnancy and childcare. Having a child can really test even the strongest relationships so making sure that foundation is strong and based on mutual respect, love and trust is crucial.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

16/52 {pregnancy/baby/life updates}

Yesterday morning we went on a little hike at Government Island, a little nature/historical spot in our neighborhood. It was so nice to spend some time outdoors, even if it's not the beach or trails we're used to. Eva ran around everywhere looking for the "East-a Bunny," which sadly she never found (on the hike, at least).

This was the first year I made Eva an Easter Basket. I felt like she was finally old enough to appreciate one. She might have been last year, too, but we were in Tanzania and things like that aren't as easy to come by.
We also hid eggs around our yard and let her find them, which she loved.
The rest of the week was spent lounging around, praying for "baby bruddah" to hurry up and get here.

Videos of the Week:
1. Eva busted singing "Landing Feet First" by Bayside in the car.
2. Looking for Easter eggs.
3. Raiding her Easter basket. (Daniel got a much better video of this. Oh well.)
4. Eva had been asking to SEE the Easter Bunny all day long. I peeped out our window after the sun went down and happened to spot a bunny eating. Eva saw him just in time, and asked if there were more eggies.
4/18/14- 39 weeks! The week I gave birth to Eva. With Eva I already had signs of impending labor at this point (loss of mucous plug, dilation, bloody show), but as far as I can tell there haven't been many signs this time around. I did feel a few contractions the other night but I knew they were just practice contractions and not the real thing. My sister-in-law arrives on Sunday for a week so I really hope the baby is born then and not after she leaves! I think the latest I can go without them inducing me is May 1st. That seems like a lifetime away. But as frustrating it is to be in this "any day now stage," it's also really exciting. I'm looking forward to the birthing experience again. The only thing I'm really worried about is leaving Eva for a night or two. We've only ever spent two nights apart, and not in a row. It's always so hard for me to sleep when she's not next to me. Anyway, hopefully the next weekly update will include a picture of baby Damian instead of my giant belly, but I'm still not getting my hopes up. Mostly. I have been nesting, though:

I washed all the new Charlie Banana cloth diapers I got for Damian, and adjusted the leg holes to the newborn size. I still have all the ones I used for Eva, too, but they're mostly pink. Oh well.

Daniel surprised me with a push present on Saturday. I wasn't expecting one at all this time, much less one of this caliber. He bought me a Tiffany's bracelet to match the necklace he gave me as a push present with Eva. I didn't even ask for it. What's even better is how he gave it to me. He gave Eva the little blue bag and told her to bring it to me. It was so surprised.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where are you?

I'm a very light sleeper, and always wake up when Evita moves around at night. (Yes, we're still co-sleeping.) Every now and then, Evita talks in her sleep. Usually she mumbles words like, "puppies," "bicycle," or "fruit snacks," but last night was different. She tossed and turned a bit, and then giggled, twice. Then she said very clearly, "Yet! Where are you?"

"Yet" is what Eva called her best friend back in Tanzania. Her real name is "Juliet," but Eva couldn't say it right at first and so "yet" became Eva's nickname for her.

Juliet was her Nanny's daughter.
She was much older than Eva, but always came to our house to play, even when her mom wasn't working.
The girls would play hide-and-seek all over our house, run around outside, or I'd take them to the beach.
They loved each other's company. Juliet was like a big sister to Eva.
It was so hard to watch them say goodbye, wondering if and when they'd ever see each other again. 

Now, Eva asks for Juliet (and her mother, Emmy) all the time.
She pretends to call her on her toy phones.
She gets excited when she sees a kid who resembles her.
She randomly says, "Yet... I miss you," just out of nowhere.

It makes me so sad to know that most of Eva's baby memories of Juliet will fade.
I don't know when, but I'm assuming there will come a day when Eva stops asking for Juliet.
This absolutely breaks my heart.
These girls had so many great experiences together.
I feel so bad for separating them.
But such is life when your parents are nomads, I guess.

It won't be the last time she'll have to say goodbye to a friend.
But it was the first.
And maybe that's why I'm so bummed about it.

I really hope their paths will cross again somewhere down the road.
I hope to take Eva back to Tanzania when she's older.
For now, I'll just keep showing her pictures and trying to keep her memory as fresh as possible.
Here are some of my favorites...
Hiya! I'm Tina and I'm the 26 year old single mom of a 2 year old princess named Lyla. We live in New Jersey but have started our plan on moving to Florida within the new few years. I blog at Tina Bumblebee about raising my daughter, food, natural beauty products, and really just anything going in my life. When I'm not cooking or playing with Lyla, I'm watching almost every TV show ever or reading multiple books a week. I stay at home with Lyla during the week and work at a bar on the weekends but I have my Bachelor's in English and plan on going back to work full time within the next year. I just began blogging so I'm new to all of this and would love to get to know new people and find more blogs to follow :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Introducing the Platinum Symphony™ DLX All-In-One Car Seat by Evenflo {Review}

As part of my participation in a sponsored campaign on behalf of One2One Network, I received a free Evenflo Platinum Symphony™ DLX All-In-One Car Seat to review. As always, all opinions stated below are my own.
Before I get into the review, I wanted to share some of the carseat's advertized features:
1. All-in-One Carseat- Accommodates children ranging from 5-110lbs, making it the only carseat you'll ever need.
2. OUTLAST® Performance Fabrics- Balances your child’s body temperature for a safer, more peaceful ride. OUTLAST® Performance Fabric absorbs hot and cold temperature, releasing as needed.
3. Buckle Pockets- Buckle Pockets neatly and smartly tuck the buckle tongues away — making it easier and safer to get a child in and out of the seat. No more digging around for lost buckles or hot buckle tongues during warm weather that can burn your child.
4. e3 Side Impact™- e3 Side Impact™ Protection significantly reduces the forces in side impact crashes through advanced energy absorption and an expanded zone of protection.
5. SureLATCH® Technology- Advanced LATCH Technology for a secure installation in seconds. Simply click the LATCH into your vehicle and push down to hear and feel the seat auto tighten. 
6. Infinite Slide™ Harness- Provides an easy, safe, accurate fit and eliminates any need for harness re-threading as your child grows.
7. Upfront Harness Adjustment- Easily adjust the 5-point harness from the front of the car seat, making it easier to get your child in and out.
8. Upfront Multi-Position Recline- Upfront multiple position recline for child’s comfort while asleep or awake.
9. Machine-Washable Pad- Easy-off, machine-washable car seat pad requires no harness re-threading
10. Cup Holder- Integrated, dual, cup holders for easy access to drinks.
11. Head and Body Pillow- Removable head and body pillow for additional comfort and support.

Now I will discuss some of these features from my point-of-view:

OUTLAST® Performance Fabrics

One of the first things I noticed when taking the carseat out of the box was how soft and comfortable the fabric feels. It turns out, this is no ordinary fabric. With the introduction of the Platinum Protection Series of carseats, Evenflo has incorporated NASA-developed Outlast technology, which regulates the temperature of the fabric to keep babies and toddlers comfortable during hot and cold weather. 
I obviously can't tell you how well this works since I don't sit in the carseat myself, but I can tell you that since installing this car seat in our truck, Eva hasn't complained about the seat being too hot or too cold when she gets in it. Since my husband and I only have one vehicle at the moment, I usually drive him to work at around 5:30am, and it has been very cold most mornings. I can usually keep Eva asleep between the bed and the truck, but sometimes when she was placed in her old carseat she would wake up and cry and complain about the seat being too cold for about half of the car ride before finally falling back asleep. Since installing this carseat, she hasn't complained once. I've even managed to keep her completely asleep throughout the transition. So, I think that's a good sign?

All I know is, the less Eva complains the less stressed out I am and the better able I am to focus on driving. Did you know that new moms are 300% more likely to get into an accident because of the distraction an upset baby can cause? If this fabric really does work, it can definitely help to ensure a safer, more peaceful ride for both mom and child and help prevent an accident from ever happening.

Buckle Pockets

This is one of my personal favorite features of the carseat. How annoying is it when you put your child in the carseat and then have to fish the buckles out for under her bum and behind her back? And how uncomfortable it must be for her when the buckles are too cold or hot... The buckle pockets are an easy solution to this problem and I really don't know why nobody thought of that sooner.

SureLATCH® Technology

This is the feature we had a little trouble with and is probably my only complaint about the car seat. We drive an F-150, which has a really nice, big backseat. The SureLATCH just barely worked for us. We really had to tug on the belt to get it to buckle in. And I guess this makes the carseat feel nice and snug and secure, but I'm a little worried about what it will do to the seats of my truck over time.

Infinite Slide™ Harness & Upfront Harness Adjustment
I have to say, this is one of the easiest carseats I've ever had to deal with as far as adjusting the straps go. Tightening and loosening the straps and adjusting them as your baby grows can be such a pain in the butt with some carseats. Evenflo has really figured out how to simplify things with this carseat.

Machine-Washable Pad
Just last  week Eva had an accident in her old carseat, and we had to take it out, spray it down and all that. (That's actually when we decided to finally install the new carseat we received from Evenflo.) A machine-washable pad is super convenient when you have a toddler who still has the occasional accident.

Cup Holder
What I really, really love about the cup holders in this carseat (besides the fact that there's TWO!) is that they aren't enclosed all the way around. Instead, there is a piece of elastic on either side. Do you know what this means? It means that when my toddler decides to mash bits and pieces of food and crumbs in the cup holder, I can easily wipe them off the side instead of having to dig and maneuver the wipe around, etc. I love this. My husband, on the other hand, doesn't like it at all. He'd rather clean the gunk out of the cup holder than let it fall around the rest of the car. I guess it's a matter of personal preference. I figure that if my daughter doesn't think her food will stay in the cup holder, she'll be less likely to stick in in there and more likely to just ask me to hold it for later.

Head and Body Pillow

This is another great feature of the carseat relating to comfort. The plushness of the seat is another thing I really liked about this carseat. There is so much more head support for Eva when she falls asleep in the seat.

So that's what I thought of the carseat. To read more about it or purchase one for your baby, click here to find it over at Babies "R" Us.

I'd like to thank Evenflo and the One2One Network for providing me with the car seat to review.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mommy Blogger Collective: RAIN

I've always loved the rain.
Whenever I hear those first drops of rain hit the window, or feel them on my skin, I get butterflies in my stomach.
When it rains in Hawaii, waterfalls appear out of nowhere and rush down the mountains towards the sea.
I always felt so lucky to witness such a sight.
Rain slows down the wind and calms the waves, making them clean and glassy.
It also discourages some people from surfing, which is always a double plus.
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Rain is both invigorating and destructive.
It sustains life and it destroys it.
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Rain is beautiful in every sense of the word.
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I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to April showers.
"Rain" is the April writing prompt of The Mommy Blogger Collective. In addition to a monthly writing prompt, the collective hosts a monthly blogger featurette. This month we are featuring Katie of Hello, Little Bean.
A few words from Katie --- Hi! I'm Katie and I write a blog called 'Hello, Little Bean.' It's about life as a new mom to my cute daughter, Lark Story. I'm California born and raised, but currently live in Michigan with my soon-to-be husband, James and my soon-to-be stepson, Brennan, as well as our little Lark and two kitties. I'm a full-time graphic designer who loves all things artistic and creative. I'm overly sensitive and sentimental, sarcastic and foul-mouthed at times, a foodie and a reality tv junkie who's completely and utterly in love with motherhood. You can also find me on instagram, facebook, pinterest and our little online boutique, Bold Threads. 
  /// The Mommy Blogger Collective /// Christina, Courteney, Dena, Erica, Erin, Gillian, Katie, Misty, Nicole, and RenĂ©e. ///

15/52 {pregnancy/baby/life updates}

Well the upside of experiencing [at least the tail end] of my first real winter is experiencing my first real spring. Cherry blossoms are blooming all over Northern Virginia. I really wanted to head into DC for the festival last week but I never got around to it. As you'll be able to tell from my weekly update, this week was pretty uneventful. It was busy spent running errands and trying to get last minute things ready for baby #2. According to the docs I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow, which is the week I had Eva! I still haven't seen any real signs of labor yet, though, so I'm not getting my hopes up. Plus, it'd be better if Damian waited until my sister-in-law gets here on Sunday. :)

Eva's latest obsessions are still her Hello Kitty Easter temporary tattoos and her KidKraft kitchen. Her Daddy gave her knuckle tattoos the other day, which we thought was pretty adorable. Eva has also been loving the Kid's Club at the gym lately. She actually requests to go there, and when it's time for me to get her she runs and hides. I'm so happy about this, because for some reason she started crying at the Kid's Club back in Texas and hated when I left her there. I hope this doesn't happen here.

Video of the Week:
1. Dad-o painting Eva's fingernails for the first time.
2. Eva on her favorite toy in the park. I really regret never getting her a rocking horse. I guess it's not too late.

On Tuesday (according to US) or Friday (according to dates) I turned 38 weeks pregnant! Chyeah! Still no signs of labor, though. I had another checkup on Wednesday and the baby hadn't appeared to move any lower. There was no internal exam performed, though, so I'm not sure if I've progressed at all in that area. I have been getting strong nesting urges (stronger than usual, at least). I'm really hoping he makes it on time!
I'm still lifting and running my three miles everyday. My time is very slow, but it's still a bit faster than what I could run at this point with Eva. And at least I meet the minimum requirements for a USMC female 3-mile run qualification. :) (Whatever I need to tell myself to make myself feel better). 
An even bigger accomplishment, I would say, is still wearing Eva everyday. Soon I'll be rockin two babies, I hope.
Babywearing at 38.5 weeks pregnant.
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