Saturday, September 27, 2014

39/52 {baby/toddler/life updates}

I normally don't post these until Monday, but we'll be in Jamaica by then! I'm soooo excited! I'm not sure if/how much I'll be blogging while I'm there, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories to tell when I get back. Anyway, this was a pretty laid back week. I'd write more about it, but my kids are screaming at me to get off the computer right now. Oh well... what I have so far will have to do...
No matter how old she gets, she still looks like a tiny baby when she's sleeping. <3 <3 <3
I gave Eva her first Jamicure this week. She's obsessed with painting her nails AND with stickers, so she was basically in heaven while I was putting them on her.
I'm also super happy with this little bookshelf that came in from Eva finally has a place for her books that is easily accessible and easy for her to clean up. And, like everything else from the site, it was personalized with her name on it. This would be a great gift for the upcoming holidays! They also have tons of other gift ideas.

This was one of those weeks where I was like, "Oh my God I can't believe how big this little boy is getting!" He turned five months old this week and he's really starting to get into that "fun" baby stage. He loves to play and interact with us. He also slept like an angel all week, only waking up once or twice every night. I'm sooooo stoked about that. I hope our trip to Jamaica doesn't mess that up. Either way, I can't wait to see how he does in the warm, tropical ocean. I think he's going to love it!
This week I finally felt brave enough to wear Damian in the kanga. We only did a side carry at first, but later in the week we tried the back... and it worked! I'm so happy we're finally at this point. Carrying in the kanga is my favorite. :)

This week I made my first pie ever. I used all the apples we picked from our trip to the orchard. I didn't get to try it, though. Daniel took it to work for one of his functions. He said it was delicious, though, and it went really fast. I hope they weren't just being nice, haha! It was square, after all.
Jamberry Update: I had my first Jamberry party and it was a success! I'm so glad I decided to start selling. Below is a picture of a half-Jamicure I did using a couple of the accent nails I was giving away. The black is regular nail polish, so you can see how better I am at putting the Jams on, haha. Six days later (today) the Jams still look great while the nail polish is all chipped, even after touching it up. If you want to support my new business visit

Other than that... we're all packed and ready to go to Jamaica. Speaking of which, I can't believe I've never had one of these nifty luggage scales before. I found it for less than $10 on GroopDealz. Totally worth it. Now I don't have to do the luggage shuffle at the airport, haha. I also got a really cool photography backdrop that I can't wait to try out when I get back.
See you in two weeks!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Damian: Five Months

Dear Damo,

You've changed so much in the last month! It's like that light went on in your brain and you've discovered there is a big world around you to see, touch, and taste. You try to grab everything, and everything you do grab goes in your mouth. I haven't tried giving you solids but I think I will soon. Sometimes when I'm eating you watch me with the widest eyes and make smacking noises with your mouth like you want some too. I definitely think you're ready. You can sit upright on your own forever now, but I still put a nursing pillow behind you just in case. You haven't quite mastered the art of getting out of the sitting position. When you're on your belly you can scoot and roll to get places. You can also get up on your knees and launch forward a bit, but I think you need to get a little stronger before you crawl. I can't wait until you're crawling all over the place. I'll have to baby-proof everything again, and you'll probably give me frequent mini-heart attacks, but I think Eva will love it.

You still love Eva more than ever. You just stare at her with those big blue eyes, smiling and giggling like a little goofball. Your eyes seem to be changing a bit, actually. When the light is shining on them a certain way you can see some green in them, like your mama and two grandmas. I still think that's how they'll end up. All that thick black hair that fell out is coming back a little lighter and a little thinner. No signs of teeth yet.

For the past week or so you've only been waking up once in the night. I thought I'd never see these days again after the 2-3 hour stretches we had been getting. I have to rock you to sleep again now, though, for naps too. We sit in our big squeaky lazyboy and rock until you drift off to sleep. Or I can just wear you. I can finally put you on my back now so life is a lot easier. When you cry I can sing you "Ten Little Monkeys" and you'll stop. I can sing other songs after that, but that's the song I have to start out with. Usually I move on to "Love Story" by NoFX because that's about the extent of my lullaby knowledge. Sometimes I sing a song your GiGi made up since Eva asks for it now. I'm not the best signer in the world but you two don't seem to mind.

Things you love: You love toys, in all shapes and sizes. You love to go for walks outside. You love the beach. You love bathtime and splashing around. You love when I read books to your sister. You love our Selena cat.

Things you hate: You still hate being in the car seat if the car is not moving. You scream your little head off at every stop light.

I just love this stage you're in and that we're able to interact with you more and more. I am so happy that you're a part of our family. Thank you for being such a sweet little baby and thank you for being mine.


Monday, September 22, 2014

38/52 {baby/toddler/life updates}

I actually don't think I have many pictures or stories to share today since most of them ended up in other posts. Still, here's what our week looked like...
Lately Eva has realized how annoying it is to ask, "Why?" after "Why?" after "Why?" She doesn't it ask because she genuinely wants to know, she asks because she knows it drives me crazy. I'll indulge her with the first couple of "Why's" (or until I run out of creative answers), but she usually wins. Ugh. Other than that, she had a really fun week at school and at the beach. 

Damian is getting better and better at sitting and playing. This week he got his first taste of sand at the beach (which he loved). He also sort of went in the ocean for the first time. I walked pretty far out with him but I never really put him in, I just let the waves splash on him. It was a little chilly out. Next week he turns five months old! Time is flying.
Damian's first time in the kitenge:

Mama & Papa are just counting the days until Jamaica...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Following the Waves

We had been tracking the swell from Hurricane Edouard, and realized it would be hitting Wednesday evening. The East Coast is mostly FLAT during the summer unless there is a hurricane swell, so we had to get to the beach. Daniel and his co-worker somehow managed to get their way out of work, and we left for Virginia Beach Wednesday afternoon. It ended up being a little choppy and not as big as hoped for, but the boys made the most of it while I watched the kiddos and snapped some pictures. The next morning we checked Virginia Beach and realized the swell was gone, and probably a little further north. So we spent the first part of our morning driving up the coast to Assateague Island. I loved all the books about horses when I was a kid, and remember reading about Assateague in Misty of Chincoteague. I remember it seeiming like some far away, mystical place that i would never have a chance or reason to visit. But there I was... on a whim. It was pretty awesome. It was beautiful, and reminded me so much of my "home island." We thought we had seem some wild horses but when I zoomed in on my camera we realized they were branded. The surf there was much better than it was in Virginia Beach. Lots of little barrels and nice-sized sets. It wasn't long before Daniel hurt his fingers and his board on the sandbar. He duck-taped both and kept surfing, though. It was so nice to be in the sea again. I can't believe I have lived the last six months of my life so far away from it. Hopefully we'll be making the drive more often when winter brings more waves to us.

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